-kausfiles.com Has a great bit

-kausfiles.com Has a great bit on religious belief. Kaus destroys Thomas Friedman’s lame ecumenicism. Relevant quote:
“Is that really it? Are we fighting for a sort of flabby, all-validating ecumenicism? Is it really that or Bin Laden? Because if it is, we’re asking adherents of many of the world’s religions to give up quite a lot–in essence, we’re asking them to convert to a new religion with a “multilingual view of God” (Friedman’s words). Surely we don’t demand that much. It’s perfectly possible to believe that your religion is the one true faith, that God doesn’t speak another language, without believing that your religion requires the destruction, suppression or forcible conversion of those who believe in what by your lights is a falseness. This is the vast, honorable space between Bin Ladenism and ecumenicism.” AMEN!


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