Michigan 2-5 and still falling

season of pain continues

season of pain continuesÂ

The Michigan Wolverine’s season so far:

  • First lost to a MAC team in 25 games?  Check.
  • First lost to Penn State in 10 years?  Check
  • Headed to first non-bowl season in 33 years?  Sure looks like it.
  • Headed to the first losing season in 41 years?  Ditto.

Next week should be interesting.  Michigan State will be coming off their own butt whooping at the hands of Ohio State.  Michigan State hasn’t beaten Michigan since 2001.  They might just be a tad motivated

Either Michigan State will continue its annual swoon or Michigan will continue its nose dive.  Something has to give.

You would be foolish to bet on Michigan these days.  They simply can’t play a complete game of football.  About the only way I can see them winning a game this year is against a team that turns the ball over and lets them hang around in the fourth quarter.  And even then, as we saw against Toledo (Toledo!!!!), even then they are as likely to blow it as to win.

The question of where bottom is for this team continues . . .

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