Michigan football flunks its test

Penn St Michigan FootballWell, ain’t that a poke in the eye?!?!?  Man, did that suck or what?  The Michigan Wolverines first drive was great.  From that point on they displayed the polar opposite of what I said they needed.  Turnovers, dropped passes, critical penalties, bad decisions, just about everything you expect from an undisciplined team not ready to play at their highest level.  Do that against a good team and you get a beat down.

I was simply wrong.  Michigan is not a talented offense that just needs to avoid the critical turnovers.  Until they prove otherwise they are a middle of the road team in a weak conference.

How bad was it?  Someone at MGoblog titled his entry Welcome to last year.  Yep, that’s what it felt like; an over-matched team whose young talent couldn’t get out of their own way enough to even compete. Yikes.

Maybe I was a homer or had unrealistic expectations but this game destroyed any trust I had in this team.  People will say that we can beat Purdue and Illinois and go to a bowl game even if we lose – as expected – to Wisconsin and Ohio State.

But exactly why are we expected to beat any Big Ten team at this point.  It took a last minute comeback to beat Indiana! Maybe Illinois is the only team in the league with more bad mojo than us so may be that is a game we should win, but I will believe it when I see it.

I guess I learned the wrong things from the close loss at Iowa and Penn State’s comedy of errors in their loss at home to Iowa.  I thought Penn State was a good team but one who lacked a killer instinct.  Well, they proved me wrong this week that is for sure.  I guess we will see moving forward how they play.

Again, I thought that Michigan’s offense was good enough to keep them in games if they would quite turning the ball over and making critical mistakes.  But against a tough defense today they looked incapable of beating anyone.

I would take losing to everyone in exchange for finally beating Ohio State.  That is one particular monkey this Columbus resident would give a finger to see go away.  But I just can’t see how this team is going to play a very good Ohio State defense and not get pushed around just like they did today.

A few more thoughts in bullet point:

  • Denard Robinson simply can’t protect the football.  He may be a speedster and a threat but he is a liability right now.
  • Why can’t Michigan keep a QB healthy?!?!?!  Forcier may have all the promise in the world but if he is injured then he isn’t helping anyone.  do we need bigger QBs or what?
  • Does anyone have a explanation for how poorly Donovan Warren played?  He seemed out of sorts and behind all day.  When your best player in a suspect secondary is that off – doom.

These next few games will say a lot about Rich Rod and this team.  If they come back and play smart disciplined football and beat up the bottom of the Big Ten then we know we are still making progress.

But if the regression continues then the doubts will grow and the giant question mark will linger over the program.  The 4-0 start is a long way away right now.  The rest of the season determines whether this game was just a case of being intimidated and outplayed or whether the team is in a bigger hole than I had thought.


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  • This game gave me the feeling of last year all right. Sitting at 5-2 before this game I actually thought Michigan was a couple less mistakes (MSU and Iowa games) from being 7-0. They have been in every game so far until this debacle of a football game. I felt like turning the game off like I did so many times last year. Penn State is better than people think, Michigan is NOT as good as I thought. They have their work cut out for them to hit 7 wins this year.


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