Giant Eagle Market District: shopping as entertainment

**I meant to post this a few days ago but forgot**

Grocery shopping has come a long way.

Giant Eagle opened a new grocery store in Upper Arlington recently and it was no ordinary store. It is called Market District.

Here is a blurb from the website:

Discover the Ooooo in food at Market District®. Inspired by the open-air markets of Europe and a true passion for food, Market District offers a culinary, dining and shopping experience unlike any other — explore amazing food from around the world, get expert advice from our Market District® Team Members, watch live cooking demonstrations and join us for special guest and celebrity appearances.

At Market District®, we spend our days bringing in exciting fare from all over the globe (including traditional and local favorites). Discover the many pleasures and possibilities of food — from the freshest domestic and imported produce, seafood and fresh-cut meats to more than 400 artisan cheeses, a world of food awaits you every day.

Basically they take a regular grocery store, add in a bunch of specialty shops, an incredible selection of gourmet goods, a half-dozen take home food booths, and top it off with cafe with free wi-fi.

Seriously, it is impressive and dangerous!

The first time we went we just kind of wandered around and tried to keep our mouths closed.

The most recent time we decided to make it a mini-date night. We dropped the kids off at the Eagles Nest (a fun place for kids to hang out while you shop) and did some shopping.

Then we stopped at the creperie and bought a crepe with nutella, strawberries and bananas, and whipped cream. Grabbed a cup of coffee and sat in the cafe area talking and enjoying the amazing desert.

It was a great little break: no kids, a great treat and we didn’t even have to leave the store. They have suishi, a pizza bar, an breathtaking salad/antipasti type bar and a couple of other food places I can’t recall plus a massive wine and beer section.

If you are a foodie this is heaven. But if you aren’t it makes for shopping as entertainment. You go and gawk and buy a few special things are try something new. It makes shopping fun.

Obviously, this is a store aimed at the wealthy and upper middle class but no one says you have to spend a fortune. You can get the regular Giant Eagle good deals and just enjoy the atmosphere the Market District provides.

Be interesting to see if other stores attempt to copy this concept.


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