Incredibly Disappointing Music Videos: Weepies Edition

I’m not one of those hip music types that always knows the latest and greatest music. When in the car I mostly listen to sports radio or, yes, even NPR.  I have a few artists I listen to – mostly singer songwriter types – and follow but little beyond that.

However, I use Panodora and through this have stumbled on a number of artists.  One of the favorites I found this way is The Weepies. I enjoyed their music so much that I created a channel just for them.

Fast forward to today. I found a link on Facebook to a music video which then led to a bunch of other videos. And in this process I started watch videos from The Weepies.

I am not sure why but I had never really trolled YouTube for music videos prior to this. And I don’t believe I had ever watched The Weepies on YouTube.

Today I did and learned for the first time that the video to perhaps my favorite Weepies song, Can’t Go Back Now, features muppets/puppets. As the kids these days text WTH? Muppets? Really?

In the grand scheme of things this is really not a big deal. I still love the song and will continue to enjoy it. But man sometimes the internet can be cruel.

Such a cool song deserved better than this.


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