The allure of pens

What is it about pens that makes you want to collect them?  It is not like you can make use of an unlimited number of pens. And yet it whenever I see a cool pen – or even just a new pen – I think: “I could use that.” At the bank or store, at work or at the office supply store – wherever I see pens I feel the need to acquire more even though I have more pens than I can use at home and at work.

There is something about the idea or utility of a nice pen that I seem to covet them. Like I need to hoard pens in order to never be without a handy, elegant or well constructed pen.

Now to be clear, I don’t want to collect cheap bic pens but rather pens that write well and are comfortable to use. Not necessarily “fancy” pens just well made that write clear and well.

I am not sure if this is some natural instinct to collect things or it reflects materialism or just the fact that I am cheap. I think it has something to do with this belief that if I just had the right “things” around me life would be better and easier.

Weird, anyways, do any of you share this urge to hoard and collect pens fancy or not?


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  • Dacaria

    I’m guilty of the same thing, I gravitate towards fancy black ink pens. I probably have hundreds of pens in my house, but when I see a finely created writing instrument I have to have it. Pens and notebooks. I thought this could be consequence of my job (I’m a writer), but it goes well beyond my craft, I think I may be borderline obsessed with pens.


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