High school flashback

I had a afternoon flashback to high school yesterday afternoon. One of my daughter’s friends had a birthday party and it was held at a skating rink. The skates, the rink, the video games they all brought me back to high school in Central Indiana.

We used to have skate-a-thons with Campus Life and it brought memories of high school guys racing and trying to look cool, the loud bad music, and the sore legs and feet.

Today, however, I mostly felt bad for my children who had never skated before and struggled to get the hang of it.  That brought back memories of trying to learn to skate and the bumps and bruises that involved.

So no races or impressing the ladies – I am not sure I even impressed my daughter all that much – my skills on the rink will remain unappreciated I am afraid. But it allowed to remember some childhood.memories where I was cool (at least in my own mind).


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