Going Old School … Blogging

I’m attempting an experiment here.  I’ve been using Tumblr to “blog” off and on for some time now and have not really used this site much.  But as I have gone through an existential crisis over at Collected Miscellany I started thinking about what I really want to do with the domains I pay for.

I kicked around the idea of just giving up, which I might still do ;-)

But I decided that the best next step was to focus the content.  I have flirted with general blogging over at CM occasionally but never really committed to it (surprising, I know).  But I think that is the wrong approach.  I think if CM has an value (and lets be blunt, the traffic is all but gone) it is in book reviews and author interviews not as a tumblr/blog. I’m going to try and clean that site up and use it just to post book reviews.  I also hope to work on writing more focused and valuable reviews as part of that process (fingers crossed).

So. I decided that if I want a place to save quotes, links and opinions, that place is here at my eponymous home.  I imported my Tumblr posts and set up this domain as a blog.

Do blogs still work?  Does anyone really care what I think?  Will I stick with this approach long enough to find out? Who knows.  Stay tuned…

If you like this sort of thing, please leave a comment and I hope you will come back and visit.


Kevin Holtsberry
I work in communications and public affairs. My experience includes: a decade of work in state government, president of a free market think tank, new media director for a winning US Senate campaign and ghost writer of both op-eds and books. I have a Masters degree in history and have taught at the college level.

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